Covid-19 measures in Diving Center Pongo

In these turbulent times we are all worried about Covid -19 Diving Center Pongo is following Dan guidance in diving operations. We are also following all guidelines issued by Croatian authority’s through disinfecting diving equipment and diving center. Feel free to download Dan document to find out more. Hope to see you soon diving with […]

Sailing and Diving private holidays.

Pongo divers offer unique experience of enjoying sailing and diving only on most beautiful locations in Adriatic. Adriatic Sea and Croatian coast form unique possibility of combining sailing, diving, exploring, history and great cuisine. Sailing in the morning, stopping for a dive on only the best diving locations and exploring island in the afternoon while […]

Octopus project

“Kick it like an octopus” – project Robert Kotal, diving instructor from Raiffeisen Vienna and DC Pongo join together to start a field case study about behaviour, creativity and feeding patterns of domestic octopus. As a first approach we would want to find out more about octopus learning curve, their feeling about time and light […]

TRIDENT ROV submarine

Pongo Divers aquired trident rov for finding new diving locations and wrecks. Until now we have had to dive each time to search or verify interesting objects found over sounder. Now we will sweep big portions of bottom down to 100m but in much faster menner. I will post our findings on this Blog.

Octopus are Smart, but WHY?

“We can’t take for granted that there’s just one way to intelligence,” Mr. Amodio said. “There could be different paths.” This is an interesting article which raises the question which many of us divers are wondering about. HOW DO OCTOPUSE HAVE TIME TO LEARN AND WHO DO THEY LEARN FROM Octopus life is short and […]

Alien egg mass

Divers take the opportunity to learn about an underwater world which appears distinctly removed from our routine, every day life. Although this submerged world is largely hidden from people, it is not immune to the negative effects of civilization. Through diving we can scratch the surface of this mysterious underwater world and better understand our […]

Alains cliff – the perfect diving story

It is your last dive this year in Croatia; it is a perfect day, where do you want to go? After some thinking I got an answer from three Polish divers which came to dive with me for a second year……”Alain’s cliff”. There was a fresh wind called Bura but not to strong and it […]

Jabuka – Best dive in Mediterranean.

We worked through entire summer and head a great time. I must confess after more than 400 dives our team Roi, Vuk, Marko and me needed something special to fill our batteries again. There was an idea, which was slowly growing entire summer in our minds. Trip to Jabuka. Jabuka is a small island in […]