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COURSESDescriptionDurationLow seasonHigh season
Discovery Dive - just try diving 1:1 whith instructor2h48 EUR58 EUR
Boat Trip + Discovery Dive1/2 day58 EUR68 EUR
Open Water Diver 4 day360 EUR430 EUR
Advance Open Water Diver 2 day310 EUR390 EUR
Adventure dive / Speciality dive1/2 day59 EUR69 EUR
Rescue Diver4 day320 EUR380 EUR
Dive Master2 weeks780 EUR820 EUR
SPECIALITYSDescriptionDurationLow seasonHigh season
Course Nitrox 32 & 362 day158 EUR168 EUR
Speciality programs (deep, navigation, photo, sience, night...)1 day148 EUR168 EUR
Photo and Video - using of SLR camera & ROV underwater2 day240 EUR250 EUR
EFR & React right - Primary and secondary care & Oxigen provider2 day148 EUR168 EUR
Refresh Course1 day100 EUR138 EUR
COURSE PACKAGESDescriptionDurationLow seasonHigh season
Open Water Diver + Advance Open Water Diver6 days630 EUR650 EUR
Advanced Open Water diver + Rescue diver5 days580 EUR630 EUR
Open Water Diver + Speciality5 days466 EUR540 EUR
Non diver - snorkeling boat trip1/2 day15 EUR20 EUR
TECHNICAL COURSESDescriptionDurationLow seasonHigh season
Sidemount Diving-180 EUR180 EUR
Gas Blender Nitrox / Trimix-180 EUR180 EUR
Advanced Nitrox Diver - TDI-350 EUR350 EUR
Dec. Procedures Diver - TDI-450 EUR450 EUR
Trimix Diver – normoxic -TDI-590 EUR590 EUR
COURSE PAXDescriptionPrice
Adv. Nitrox + Dec. Procedures
720 EUR
Dec. Procedures + Trimix
920 EUR
Adv. Nitrox + Dec. Procedures + Trimix + Gas blender1.190 EUR
For all courses we give 10% off if you pass online course
DIVES & EXCURSIONSDescriptionDurationPrice
1 Dive ( In front of the Center )1/2 day22 EUR
1 Dive1/2 day43 EUR
2 Dives - Daily excursions1 days74 EUR
4 Dives of your choice2 days139 EUR
6 Dives of your choice3 days185 EUR
8 Dives of your choice4 days234 EUR
10 Dives of your choice5 days270 EUR
12 Dives of your choice6 days299 EUR
Night Dive - included tourch3 h39 EUR
Every dive over 12-25 EUR
Non diver - snorkeling boat trip1/2 day20 EUR
Zone 2 - extra tripAll day trip20 EUR
Zone 3 - including extra trip, special zoneAll day trip50 EUR
Zone 4 - including extra trip, special zoneAll day trip100 EUR
Vila velebita Wreck-75 EUR
Zagreb, Goliath, and Borak Wreck-105 EUR
Ninucca-185 EUR
EQUIPMENT RENTALDescriptionDurationPrice
Regulator Scubapro + Octopus + Consoleper dive8 EUR
Wetsuit 5mmper dive8 EUR
Glovesper dive3 EUR
Diving sox, Bootsper dive3 EUR
Mask + Finsper dive3 EUR
Jacket - BCDper dive8 EUR
Steel Cylinder 12 litper dive12 EUR
Steel Cylinder 15 litper dive15 EUR
Withbeltper dive3 EUR
Complete Scuba Set 1-3 Divesper dive17 EUR
Complete Scuba Set 4-5 Divesper dive14 EUR
Complete Scuba Set 6-12 Divesper dive12 EUR
Refiling - air1 EUR/lit
Refiling Nitrox 30 to 36%5 EUR
He -3,8 EUR/ lit
O2 - 1,8 EUR/ lit
Stage 11 lit6 EUR
Rebreather cylinders 3 lit6 EUR