• DEPTH: 5 to 25 m.
  • DIFFICULTY: Easy for all diving categories.
  • VISIBILITY: From 20 to 35 m.
  • CURRENTS: No strong currents.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: No special permits needed.
  • TYPE OF DIVE: Cave dive.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Fantastic cave for recreational divers, 100% safe.


This cave is really a tunnel through small peninsula, you enter it on one and exit on the opposite side. Entire tunnel is around 25 m long and 5 m. wide in all directions so there is no possibility of getting stuck or loosing your way in some small channel. Dive starts right next to shore which falls down sharply to 10 m. As you start the dive you first enter a crack in the coast line which is around 10 m wide on the entrance and 2 m. wide on the end. After you pass through crack you are back on the entrance and continue around the curve where you come in to a cave. Entrance is cool because of the vision trick sunlight makes, it looks entirely black and you feel like you are going to hit the wall until you go through the shadow. Suddenly you can see the beautiful turquoise colour of the sea through entire cave. when you exit the cave you make a small round trip between some interesting rocks and than back through the cave toward the dive boat.


This dive is fun for all divers but is especially good for first encounter whit the cave dive. Look for peace’s of old Greek pottery


Octopuses, different corals, colourful algae, best thing are contrasts in colour.