• DEPTH: 35 to 60 m.
  • DIFFICULTY: Only advanced.
  • VISIBILITY: 40 to 60 m.
  • CURRENTS: Mild to strong.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: No special permits needed.
  • TYPE OF DIVE: Reef & drop-off.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Serious dive with breath-taking overhang.


This is one of most exposed locations in entire Adriatic, so we go here only when prefect weather conditions. This is a reef with two shallow parts which look as camelback. We start dive down anchor line and almost immediately come over nice drop-off where you can se admiral 500kg anchors. We follow the cliff on the right and come under overhanging cliff where on the bottom you can see a wreck from 1WW. Steam ship which hit the shallow and slowly broke and sunk. Just after the wreck we come over two coloured gorgonia fans which are rarely seen as they live usually much deeper. As we come back to shallow there are cracks and holes where you will find lot of sea life. There is a special stone where are at one time up to 30 nudi brands.


You need expert guidance on this dive so you avoid current and have safe dive. Watch out for your depth as overhanging cliffs like to ”take” you deeper.


Scorpion fish, octopuses, different corals, colourful algae, schools of fish, forbears, lots of cracks and holes to peak in to, on occasion bigger fish, morays and congers, fantastic colours.