• DEPTH: 35 to 60 m.
  • DIFFICULTY: Only advanced.
  • VISIBILITY: 35 m.
  • CURRENTS: Mild.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: No special permits needed.
  • TYPE OF DIVE: Canyon and drop-off.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Serious dive with breath-taking canyon.


This is Zirje islands and here you never know what to expect, which makes them so attractive. Dive starts over sea grass and on beginning looks as it is not much. But after a 2 min you come over big drop off. We turn left and follow the cliff .. you will notice that you are already on 28 m depth. In one moment cliff breaks under 90 degree angel and goes out in to blue. Follow it and you will come in front of beautiful canyon which you can pass in single file. Here depth will be down to 40 m. As you exit the canyon turn left and after crossing over the cliff continue over the sea grass back toward island.


As you finish the cliff part of the dive be aware that you need at least 5 min to come back to shallow so turn before you come down to 50 bar. Currents are not usual but few times they surprised us and not only in shallow but in depth as well. great dive for stage or light trimix dive.


Scorpion fish, octopuses, different corals, colourful algae, schools of fish, forbears, lots of cracks and holes to peak in to, on occasion bigger fish, morays and congers, fantastic colours.