• DEPTH: 15 to 60 m.
  • DIFFICULTY: Only advanced.
  • VISIBILITY: 30 to 45 m
  • CURRENTS: Slow.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: No special permits needed.
  • TYPE OF DIVE: Canyon and cliff dive.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Very diverse dive with lots of different things happening.


Cathedral is a shallow reef in the middle of the sea which looks like two domes of cathedral, its shallowest point is 13 m depth. Immediately on decent you will notice a canyon separating this shallow on two big domes. As we pass the canyon we turn right and follow the cliff wich will take you slowly in the circle so you will end up back where you started. This is what makes this dive simple. As you follow the cliff check out all the small overhangs, caves and cracks for different life, also occasionally look in to the blue as this area is often visited by bigger pellagric fish as rays and tuna. This is definitely one of better dives in area but is a little deeper so be aware.


If you are diving here first time stick to your dive master as he knows which cliff and direction to choose first. Bring your torch. Fantastic colours and contrasts for ambient photography.


Scorpion fish, morays and congers are here on each dive big schools of sardines encircle entire reef.