• DEPTH: Maximum depth on this dive is 17 m.
  • DIFFICULTY: Easy dive
  • VISIBILITY: From 25 to 40 m
  • CURRENTS: Usually you can feel little drift but not strong.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: Do not hit anything with your fins!!!
  • TYPE OF DIVE: Reef + +
  • RECOMMENDATION: Through entire dive scenery is changing. One of best easy dives in the area. Great night dive.


We start our dive on just 5m depth and immediately come over some round rocks with no seaweed on them. These are volcanic rocks which antic ships had as ballast (they do not have seaweed as they are still slightly radioactive) . Then we reach 16 meters depth come over a interesting reef full of corals and sea life. These are actually peace’s of antic ships completely covered by corals. As we pass entire reef we turn back toward shallow and come on completely different terrain once more. Here is a big, 20m by 15m crater which we call atomic bomb crater. Actually it was a cave on which they build the lighthouse. Today the cave is collapsed and you can dive under the lighthouse. Here on one wall, which is in permanent shadow, you will find all kind of nudis, small scorpionfish and fireworms. From here you just continue toward dive boat and you will see the entrance to a cave. It looks spooky and is only for serious cave divers.


It is great fun to explore the reef and fallen lighthouse crater. Do not put your hands in any holes, here even in shallow congers and morays come during daytime. Entire dive is full of small fragile corals so watch your balancing.


In small holes on the reef you can see moray eels hiding, scorpion fish, octopuses, different corals, colourful algae, schools of fish, often Adriatic Barracudas pass by.