• DEPTH: Diving depth on this cliff is from 10 to 40 m but the cliff goes down to maximum 68 m.
  • DIFFICULTY: Difficulty of this dive depends mostly on conditions and currents but is usually accessible for beginners as well for experienced divers.
  • VISIBILITY: From 30 to 50 m. Crystal clean water.
  • CURRENTS: Sometimes especially during low season current are strong and can make a problems for beginners.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: No special permits needed.
  • TYPE OF DIVE: Drop off.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Great cliff – must see.


Gorgonia cliff is located on the same island as Alain’s cliff but is very different. The dive starts on the south- east part of the island on just 5m depth. After a short swim toward the south side of the island you will come on the first ”step” from 7 to 15 m. and than on the cliff which starts with the vertical canyon. From here drop-off is shaped in form of shelves. In one moment, you will come over the big Gorgonia fans which expend on entire height of the cliff … a great view. It depends on the strength of the current on which point dive guide will turn around and head back toward the dive boat. On return you enter one more canyon. Entire dive follows the shape of the island V.Smokvica (translation: Big fig) so it’s not hard to orientate.


Diving centers in the area sometimes make drift dives on this location which proves how strong the current can be. Usually under 20 m. there is no current but as you reduce the depth suddenly current starts pulling you in the opposite direction. Trick is to empty your jacket and go as close to the bottom as possible so you are protected by big rocks.


Big gorgonia fans, octopuses, different corals, colourful algae, schools of fish, spiny lobster, forkbeards, red mullets, lots of cracks and holes to peak in to, on occasion bigger fish.