• DEPTH: 18 m.
  • VISIBILITY: From 10 to 20 m.
  • CURRENTS: No current.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: No special permits needed.
  • TYPE OF DIVE: Galeb jet fighter airplane wreck.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Rare sight to see.


During Croatian – Serbian war in 1992 Galeb jet planes where mainly used by JNA (Yugoslavian National Army) for scouting but as in JNA Croatians where majority of pilots JNA head shortage of good pilots. So This Galeb Airplane same as two others came too close to anti aircraft battery between Rogoznica and Primosten. After it was hit by rocket it fell in Movar harbour on only 8 m dept. It was in fairly good state but local fisherman and people came and rip it apart and took paces as war souvenirs ??? I still today know in which garden you can find a peace of a wing or cockpit. Dive itself is very simple. You start going over the wreckage and it pays to be slow and look at details. You will see foot pedals which have handle’s for piloting plane if pilot is shot in the back and lost usage of his legs… eh, standard issue in tough times. Than you will se entire tail section of the plane with Yugoslavian flag, jet engine, two air to land missile ramps, landing gear and wheels….In one of missile launchers is a conger eel.


Wreck is from aluminium, which means very sharp so be very careful if you touch it.


In sand around wreckage are lots of flounders and spider fish, while in the wrack octopuses and conger eel hiding during the day.