• DEPTH: Depth on this dive depends on divers experience and diving category. Depth gradually goes down to 55 m.
  • DIFFICULTY: Difficulty of this dive depends mostly on conditions and currents but is usually accessible for beginners as well for experienced divers.
  • VISIBILITY: From 40 to 80 m. Crystal clean water.
  • CURRENTS: Usually current is strong and can make a problems for beginners.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: No special permits needed.
  • TYPE OF DIVE: Drop off.
  • RECOMMENDATION: On this dive you will se more bio-diversity than on any other diving locations except Eco dive. One of the best.


On Mulo dive current is usually there. If diving guide knows the dive he can start it in relatively calm sea. There are two dives you can do without changing boat location. Both dives start from few meters depth between big rocks which form small channels. As you go on you will pass over few steps, each few meters height, until around 20 m when you come on the top of the 20 m cliff full of life. Cliff is entirely covered with different organisms in beautiful colours, like great undersea garden. There are lots of holes and cracks where you can see moray eels, congers and lots of octopuses. Advanced divers can go down to 40 m here and see biggest forest of gorgonia fans in Adriatic. First dive goes down to 30 meters on the cliff and back toward the boat. Second dive is shallower and goes all around the island Mulo.


Current on this dive is always there and it can be real strong. Do not go wondering away from the dive guide, for if you miss the turn back, current can take you and than it will be a problem swimming back. On this small island there is Austro-Hungarian lighthouse built in 1873, go check it out between the dives. Today this lighthouse is fully automatic, but in the old times there was a family living on it all year long. Watch out for fishing nets.


Lots of nudibranchs, snails and golden zoanthids, in the cracks lots of congers and forkbeards, different corals, squids, colourful algae, spiny lobster, moray eels, alicia mirabilis, schools of fish, gorgonia fans.