• DEPTH: 45 to 60 m.
  • DIFFICULTY: Trimix or Rebreather.
  • VISIBILITY: 20 to 30 m.
  • CURRENTS: Mild or no current.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: No special permits needed.
  • TYPE OF DIVE: Wreck.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Great easy Tech wreck dive.


Borak ship was built in 1952 in the shipyard 3. Maj in rijeka and it was used for transportation of bulk cargo, mainly cement. On a trip from Koromačno to Solin ot was cipesized in south wind storm on October 21, 1999. Its located near the island of Zlarin, at a depth of 60m, while the cabin of the ship is at a depth of 45m. The wreck is in very good condition. Visibility is usualy very good.