• DEPTH: 65 to 75 m.
  • DIFFICULTY: Normoxic Trimix or Rebreather.
  • VISIBILITY: 20 to 30 m.
  • CURRENTS: Mild or no current.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: No special permits needed.
  • TYPE OF DIVE: 1WW wreck.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Great wreck dive.


Zagreb wreck lies in upright position and is in good shape compleatly covered by yellow sponges. It was half cargo half passinger ship, and her main cargo was nuts. On a nice quiet night french submarine Archimede, hit Zagreb stern with torpedo on 14. 01. 1917. Everyone in the engine room and on the stern of the ship instantly died in tremendous explosion. Torpedo hit the propellers and the helm, which mead her sink stern first. The coast was just couple of hundred meters distant but still captain A. Tuchtan, second officer Remo Adamić, 13 members of the crew and 43 passengers lost there life on that cold night.