• DEPTH: 15 to 23m.
  • DIFFICULTY: Best wreck for beginners, safety 100%.
  • VISIBILITY: 25 to 40 m.
  • CURRENTS: Sometimes little current on depth down to 5 m.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: No special permits needed.
  • TYPE OF DIVE: 2ND world war cargo wreck.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Very nice dive the wreck is scattered on three different locations. Perfect for beginners.


Wreck is located near the island of M. Smokvica so there is no need to dive in to blue. Dive starts form 3m depth. From there you come on the first part of the wreck which is a stern of the ship. Notice a steering wheel still attached on its original place. Circling the wreck is usually a school of fish and on occasion a few octopuses. After circling around the wreck you continue swimming for 3 min and come on the second part of the wreck which is the deck or the ship which flew of during the explosion of the torpedo which sank it. Here you will for sure find a few Scorpion fish in the sand around the wreck. After swimming over the wreck you will come on the third part, which is already on 9 m depth, this is a usual hide out for octopuses.


This Romanian ship was sank by the torpedo during 2 world war most probably by mine or airplane torpedo. By the legend it was carrying chocolate and biscuits so it got named Sweet wreck. Especially nice during the night dive, when you can see Jon Dory’s, Lobsters and all sorts of small crabs.


Octopuses, flounder, colourful algae, Jon Dory’s, langouste, schools of fish, congers and forkbeards.