• DEPTH: 15 to 46 m.
  • DIFFICULTY: All diving categories (torpedo only advanced).
  • VISIBILITY: 30 m.
  • CURRENTS: Mild.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: No special permits needed.
  • TYPE OF DIVE: Torpedo wreck and drop-off.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Very interesting diverse dive.


On V.Smokvica island in front of Rogoznica between Alains cliff and Blue Gorgonia dive is one nice unique dive. Dive starts over a stepy cliff over some big builders (stone formations) all the way to 39 m where you will see big 9 m long torpedo broken in two. This is WWI torpedo and it is rear to se even in museums. This torpedo was most probably fired from submarine shooting at escaping ship. Torpedo obviously missed the target and slowly sunk down between two rocks where it is still today. Entire motor and driving mechanism are visible. From Torpedo you slowly reduce your depth and keep the cliff on your left hand side. You will again come over big builders (stone formations) around which you will see lots of life. Big forkbeard is hiding in her little cave which scorpion fish is protecting, schools of smaller fish surround one stone which goes from 20 to 8 m depth. This combination of torpedo wreck and big builders full of life make this dive great.


It is important to come immediately on beginning of the dive to Torpedo so you do not accumulate deco time, of course OWD can not see torpedo but can enjoy builders with lot of fish.


Scorpion fish, octopuses, schools of fish, forbears, lots of cracks and holes to peak in to, congers.