Octopus project


"Kick it like an octopus" - project

Robert Kotal, diving instructor from Raiffeisen Vienna and DC Pongo join together to start a field case study about behaviour, creativity and feeding patterns of domestic octopus. As a first approach we would want to find out more about octopus learning curve, their feeling about time and light signalling.


Is there a way an octopus can measure time or has an internal schedule on its mind?
By changing food release timings, we try to see if they would gather at specific day- and night times for having lunch or dinner or would they soon lose track of their internal clock.
Is there may be a growing number of octopus learning to come together only when food will be released or would they simply wait and guard the area at all times.

Hardware V1.0:

Standalone Raspberry Pi ZERO based NOIR CAM 5Mio Pixels cased in anan wide angle plexi dome with feeder arena (feeder releases food in exact intervals) in octopus-rich environment.

Software: fellow octopus 😉